Chicken: How to remove the tendon from chicken breast tenderloin

Posted on June 24th, 2013  |  Filed under Cooking Tips « Kitchen Shrink
I recently got an e-mail from Ruth saying, “Years ago I saw one of your TV shows and you were talking about a trick to get rid of that hard little “nub” on the end of a chicken tenderloin; well my mothering duties called and I never heard about it again. Maybe you could clue me in.” Here is the trick: You take that tough little tendon out of the chicken tenderloin by laying the tenderloin on the counter, tendon side down. You then grab the end of the tendon with a towel and slide your knife under it at a 20 degree angle. Now, this is the interesting part – you do not move the knife, you simply pull the tendon toward you. As long as you have a sharp knife and the right angle, the tendon should separate out easily from the tenderloin. Incidentally, this is the same way you skin a fish.

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