Recipes: How to find the recipes from my show.

Hunting for the recipes from my TV show, Sara’s Weeknight Meals? I still get lots of e-mails asking for the recipes from my show and wanted to let you know that they are all right on this site 24/7. Just select “Shows” in the menu under the title at the top of the home page, that will take you to the “Shows” page. Click on “visit Sara’s Weeknight Meals” then select the Episode you want from either the box on the right or the list that includes descriptions of the show. The Recipes will appear along with Cooking Tips and information about the Tools and Ingredients used on the show.

You can also get there by going to the box entitled “Sara’s New Show/ Sara’s Weeknight Meals” on the right side of the home page, click on “view Sara’s Weeknight Meals” at the bottom of the box, this will take you to  the “Shows” page where you will click on  “visit Sara’s Weeknight Meals” and then select the Episode you want from the page that appears.

3 Responses to Recipes: How to find the recipes from my show.

  1. I was watching one of your shows on cooking pork chops and now I cannot find it on the internet. Please help.
    Rosalie waldon.

  2. Jinx Bailey says:

    Darn, looked through your new schedule and Reno, Nv is not there. I moved here, Carson City, from Dallas, TX last year and it’s like living still in the covered wagons days, Carson is so far behind it is unreal. So, guess I’ll keep going on line to get your excellent recipes. I could hardly wait until Sat in Dallas on Channel 13, KERA, to watch your show. EXCELLENT! I live alone so always have to cut the recipes way down but that’s ok, they still come out good!

  3. Love your cooking style.

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