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Finding the Right Cooking School

Posted on March 19th, 2010  |  Filed under Useful Info

I am frequently asked how to find information on cooking schools around the country and occasionally around the world. I usually recommend picking up a copy of The Guide to Cooking Schools or Culinary Schools and Programs by Peterson’s. Both are available on line and in bookstores and it is important to get the most recent edition. But recently I have discovered just how many cooking school guides are available online. Although they vary in content quality, taking a quick look at several is an easy way to narrow down the choices in the geographical area, academic program, and cost you are looking for. All also offer information on culinary careers and tips for applying to schools. by the job site, Monster, is a comprehensive directory of schools paired with lots of helpful information on culinary careers. The Cooking School Guide at Chef-2-ChefCulinaryPortal profits from the site’s content for, about, and by working chefs.,, and vary in scope of content but are worth a look particularly if you are interested in international schools.

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